Marketing Consultant

Digital Expert

SEO & Marketing Consultant

As a digital consultant I live and breathe digital. It’s my world and I am here to assist you and your business to make sense of everything and thrive in the information age.


Call me for…

Branding & Brand Identity, Search Engine & Marketing Optimization (SEO & SEM), E-commerce, Social Media, Content Marketing, Display Advertising, Email Marketing, Media Buying & Selling, Project Management and Business Development.

01. Targeting

Demographic, Geographic
and Psychographic Segmentation

02. Marketing

Loyalty, Trust, Brand Awareness.
Blogs, Newsletters.

03. Designing

Identity, Logos, Banners,
Packaging, Flyers, Catalogs

04. Advising

Digital Services, Business,
Media, Marketing

05. Socializing

Facebook, Youtube, Instagram,
Twitter, Reddit, Google+, Linkedin.

06. Measuring

AB Testing, Tracking, Analytics,
Heatmaps, Performance, Reports.

07. Coding

Websites, Landing Pages, Forms.
HTML, CSS, JavaScript

08. Reporting

Results, News, Updates,
Changes, Requests

Web Hosting
09. Hosting

Websites & WordPress Hosting,
Virtual Private Servers (VPS).

Proactive, Well Informed, Customer Oriented

I am an independent thinker with a dynamic personality, with experience in Digital Marketing, Product Marketing, Brand Management, E-commerce, User Experience and Business Development, with Problem Solving Skills.

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