A little bit about myself.

Proactive, Well Informed, Customer Oriented

I am an independent thinker with a dynamic personality, with experience in Digital Marketing, Product Marketing, Brand Management, E-commerce, User Experience and Business Development, with Problem Solving Skills.

Why online services? Because the Internet is a perfect venue for business. It has lower costs with high margins, it’s global, instant, open 24/7. You can test, you can adapt, you can start fresh. You have more marketing options, you can target the right audiences with improved efficiency, everything you do is incredibly scalable and you have access to a worldwide market.

With my knowledge and my assistance, your business will grow while you’ll be able to enjoy a stress-free work life.

Free brainstorming session!

If you find yourself in doubt, it’ll be my pleasure to assist you and your project with a free Q&A session.